August 11, 2020 Public Meeting Information and Scripts

There are two meetings tomorrow where we all need to be calling in or watching. The first is Public Safety at 4pm. The second is City Council at 5pm. We have created scripts full of talking points and ideas for you to help formulate what you will say. We are always here if you need extra support preparing - send us an email at if you have questions.

This week, our focus is on the following topics:

  • Body cameras
  • Mental health
  • Government and police transparency

There is even more, and you can read about it in the documents linked below!

Public Safety Committee - 4:00pm

You can view our scripts and talking points here.

City Council Meeting - 5:00pm

You can view our scripts and talking points here.

As always, you have no obligation to use these scripts. We write them to try and make your life easier, but if you speak from the heart and your experiences, you will do a great job.

Here are the ways for you to call into and watch the meetings:


Worcester’s city government uses WebEx for their video conferencing. Calling in this way will only work if you download the WebEx app to your computer, not just make an online account.

Public Safety Meeting: Meeting ID 735751404

City Council Meeting: Meeting ID 730323290.


You can call into the City Council meeting via phone:

Public Safety Meeting: 415-655-0001 Access Code 735751404

City Council Meeting: 415-655-0001 Access Code 730323290.

See you tomorrow!